Here are some of our chess links.
FREE INTERNET CHESS SERVER The strongest free chess server on the web. All you need is WinBoard and you're ready to go.
CHESS NET Download ChessNetLite and play for free. Administrated rooms mean more chess playing and less cussing. A great site for kids.
PLAY SITE GoTo's site for games of every kind. Play chess, backgammon, bridge and more.
ATLANTIC CHESS Play chess on-line in a completely new format! No more waiting around for your opponents turns.
THE ZONE Microsoft is waiting for you to play on their site as well.
YAHOO! GAMES Thousands of players, but with little or no administration.  If you're a tough adult then you should be able to handle the language in the chat windows.
INTERNET CHESS CLUB You've got to pay to play, but with a free trial and the Blitzin interface available, it might just be worth it to you.  Features lessons, databases, and more.  One of the richest chess environments on the web.
CHESS LAB Two million interactive chess games online. Search by position, names, years, and more. Interactive java chessboard.
BRITISH CHESS GAME ARCHIVE A British site that boasts more than a few games.
INTERNETCHESS.COM Now part of the Brain Games network. Features extensive content, interviews with top players, analysis and more. This site is great to keep bookmarked.
BONIBOY.COM Handmade designer Italian fashions
CHESS SETS OF KOLOBOB Beautiful Russian Chess sets.
AIM's CHESS PAGE A strategy page for chess with basics, game archives, and more.
NEW IN CHESS "Your link to the chess world."
QUAD-LEVEL CHESS SITE Information on how to play the 3D four level chess set that we carry in our store.
UNITED STATES CHESS FEDERATION The governing body of all chess played in the United States.
FANCY PEGS - CRIBBAGE PEGS Hand-crafted cribbage pegs.
THE BOBBY FISCHER UNOFFICIAL HOMEPAGE Learn about the greatest american chess player.
3D CHESSBOARDS This site features traditional chess boards with a 3 dimensional design. Marble and glass using unique ideas.
MICHIGAN CHESS ASSOCIATION All the essential Michigan chess tournaments, tournament information, and more.
LANSING CHESS CLUB Our neighbors in the next village over.
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN CHESS CLUB A little neglected, this site has some of the University of Michigan's vital chess information.
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